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About Us

The Caring Painters has been in business since 2003, although owner Eric Smith has been painting the San Diego region since the 1980s. Eric began his painting career with Jacks Painting Crews and moved on to work for Hamilton Painting and Tex Coatings where he learned the business and administrative-side of the painting profession before starting his own venture, The Caring Painters.

Eric grew up in a Christian family setting with strong values toward family and particular focus on the Elderly. This sense of 'caring' led to the name: "Caring Painters." Eric's devotion has steered him into helping others and the model for his painting business.

The Caring Painter's goal is to put 100 people to work with Livable Wages to care for their families while providing excellent painting services and a willingness to please our customers.

A large portion of our new clients are referred to The Caring Painters by satisfied customers.



California State Contractors License #833955


  • Southern California Activity Directors Association (Skilled Nursing Facilities)

  • National Stuttering Association

  • Church of God in Christ Ministers Association (Faith Chapel Church, San Diego)


  • San Diego Regional Airport Authority 2008 - 2011; World Trade Center on Pacific Coast Hwy. & San Diego Int'l. Airport Fire Station

  • Balboa Golf Course Interior, San Diego, CA

  • Civic Center Parking Structure, Temecula, CA

  • Hungry Valley State Park, Groman, CA

  • United Way of San Diego County, San Diego, CA

  • RAJMP, Inc. dba Midas Auto System Experts, San Diego, CA

  • Scott Quinn Property Management at Mission Hills, San Diego, CA

  • Lindbergh Parking, Inc., San Diego, CA

  • and many residential clients...

References will be provided upon your request, please view our testimonials.


"From Crack to Clergy" written by Eric S.Smith

This is truly an inspirational book based upon facts of life. Through this book, Eric gives insight on how he overcame many various obstacles throughout his life and how racism and prejudices are very real, but not necessarily the determining factors that regulate the final outcome in life. He further demonstrates through the writing of this book and with his other various accomplishments that with determination, perseverance and positive thinking, one can overcome that which might be considered a bad start in life. He refused to accept that status and continues to press on forward. In the face of poverty- severe stutter-fears-weakness-racist views-addiction and lack of a support system, Eric never stops moving toward what he has thought not possible. The reader will learn how to view life in a different way and increase critical thinking skills. All ages, ethnic groups, and genders can benefit from this simple yet powerful truth about real life issues we all confront one time or another.

More information about Eric's book can be found at:



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